Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's on your Frame Friday???

I finally found a frame in Dec. on Craigs List. It isn't too fancy and I found the machine on Ebay. I hated trying to quilt on my domestic machine on my sewing desk. Never failed, I had puckers. Not to be shy, I started with all the quilt tops that I had stashed and I have sailed through them. Some are good, as I work out the kinks as to what my system can or cannot do, some aren't so good. Hey, it's a learning process and I wanted to see if this is something I might like or have a talent for. I'm still deciding.
I finally have this one off of the frame and it turned out okay. Now I have to put the binding on and it will be done.
Next is to finish the quilt that is on the design wall.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Errant author has returned, maybe...

I don't know what has gone on or where I have been but I sure haven't been keeping this blog thing up to date. I don't have any followers ,yet, so I'm not too worried about having offended anyone. If I have; well, deal with it!
Hopefully I will get inspired or become extremley motivated and get this Blog stitching along with some great threads...errr...uhm...
Wow! Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why I love the month of July...

I love the month of July. Thinking of July brings many thoughts into my head. Some good, some not so good. All good when combined. It means to me hot, lazy days. Playing in sprinklers, lounging in a pool. It means steam on the pavement that is too hot to go barefoot on. It means an abundance of ripe fruit and good things from the garden. Hot kitchens and long days canning.  July means staying up late because it is still light out, longer days and nights so warm it is hard to sleep. July also means the 4th of July. Time to hang the grand 'ole flag and be proud to be an American, to live in the U.S.A! To honor the privilage of our freedom! To delight in the show of fireworks and play with sparklers and not to get burned. Yes, I love the month of July. It just seems so mellow and calm...
July is also a month steeped in sadness for me. My Fathers' birthday is July 1st yet he died on July 26th...sixteen years ago...and it still hurts. My Father loved July and the 4th of July. My Mother died less than a year later on the 4th of July. Yup! You read correctly. In the middle of a very hot month. She died on one of my favorite holidays. I don't think she got to pick the date. I don't think she wanted to.
I just want to say that I miss my parents every day. Fifteen and sixteen years later, I miss them.
Perhaps it is fitting that they would leave in the month that is ripe and doesn't seem so glum when I can watch the fireworks and enjoy the warm summer days.
I miss them.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What about dining out???

Most people know I work in a restaraunt. I sling food for a living. I like it. I like to serve good food to people. I like people to have a good meal.
Most people are great.
Some are not.
I googled dining manners and wish I could print this up for some people need to should read this:
It also isn't nice to snap your fingers at the server or to yell across the dining room to get the servers' attention.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lookie here!!!

It's my first Sourdough loaf. Yummy! Tastes delicious! This is made with a starter that I got from Marlenes' Natural Foods.
I couldn't wait as long as I probably should have to make a loaf. The starter wasn't as bubbly as this (Hermann) is now.
But it (Hermann) did a very nice job. The dough was very silky and nice to work with. It was rising very well and smelled wonderful. I will definitely be trying this again.
Now I am going to have to search for some local Strawberries to make some homemade jam. Deliciousness!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I should write a book...

Really! I should fill it with quips and anecdotes about life and people.
I work in the food a food server (PC) or a waitress (old school). I prefer working as a bartender but hey, watcha gonna do!
I don't work at an upscale place, I work at a casual dining, good food place. The location is somewhat eclectic to say the least. This makes the clientele come from a wide range of demographics.
I had a very funny shift last Saturday night. Probably the most fun shift I have had in a long time. It started something like this:
First funny table: Mom, Dad and 11ish year old son.
I approach the table and do my spiel for drinks. The father asks if we have clam strips on the kids menu. I reply that we do not carry clam strips. He asks me if there are clam strips in the regular menu. I look at him, quizzically, as his wife blurts out! What don't you understand??? They DO NOT HAVE CLAM STRIPS!!!
I had to just about active listening/hearing.
Second funny table: Mom, Dad and 12ish daughter.
I go to the table and start their meal service. The daughter has the most impeccable manners. Can I clone her? Can we have her do workshops for other disorderly kids? The daughter has ordered kids alfredo noodles. "first clue"
Their food arrives and I check back. The parents say their meal is OK but the mother prompts her daughter. "go ahead", she says. The daughter says, in the most perfect tone; "Excuse me, but I do not care for these noodles. May I have something else?" How perfect....How can I not resist and give her whatever she desires. She has better manners than most adults. I manage to say, "Why yes you may. What is it that you would rather have?" Again she replies with the best manners..."May I please have the kids fish and chips?"
What a delight. Can I say I like manners. I appreciate well mannered adults and children. I really, really do. I had to compliment her on her manners and thank the parents. Obviously, someone is taking the time to teach this child life skills.
Okay...third funny table...and the last for today.
Hunky twentysomething motorcycle jacket (crotch rocket) wearing cutie son and Mom and Dad...
I cannot go on without warning you of mature innuendo coming up.
While I am at the table taking their food order the hunky son asks why are there two prices on listed with the chowders? Is this for sizes?
To this I reply, "Yes, we have two sizes of chowders. One is a cup and one is a bowl."
Hunky: Well, how big is the bowl and how big is the cup?
Me: (listen carefully)  Well, the cup is 6 Inches and the bowl is 12 ounces...I very quickly stammered.
I think I saw Dad snicker and Hunky son hesitate a minute...Ooops.
I know my face got red. Never had that happen before.
But that was a fun of the reasons that I love working in the industry. It is the people. I should have known next shift was a nightmare. Can you say VEGANAISSE???

Big Game...

I tried to be clever, I tried to be worked for about 2 miles North of the Roy Y. I have a smart husband. He guessed the destination...North West Trek.
In an effort to get out and do, I made a mystery trip for us. I told Tim we would be out in the weather, it could be raining (dumping buckets), it could be cold...or the sun could come out (small, small chance). I am optimistic. With my handy dandy DOT map of Wa. State we headed out on a miserable Monday morning. It was pouring down rain and I thought my super idea would be ruined. I am so thankful it wasn't. Like I said, Tim guessed our destination pretty quickly and I giggled as we drove into "the sticks"!
Northwest Trek is located near Eatonville which sits in the foothills of Mt. Rainier. It is a wildlife park that is like 734 acres of land that was donated by a really cool family. It is home to some huge wildlife that you get to see while you ride around the park in a nice covered tram. Then there are the area trails that you can navigate on your own where you can observe Eagles, Beaver, Wolverine, Wolves, Couger and Bears. I am sure I am missing several things that we got to see and observe but it was a great day trip, well worth the park admission fee and was incredible to see the large resident moose, bison, elk and caribou. Incredible.
...and the sun came out. It was a wonderful day. Now to plan another "day adventure". Any suggestions?